Chernobyl - Hidden Depths

'Chernobyl - Hidden Depths' is a 4D, HYPER-REALITY experience where gaming, VR, theatre and film collide.


It’s a world where the very latest technology plays with your senses and captures your imagination.

Forget everything you think you know about virtual reality.
We aim to give you the best HYPER-REALITY experience .

Can you beat the Chernobyl experience?


The Background

In 1986 Chernobyl suffered a catastrophic accident that nearly wiped part of cold war Europe from the habitable map, this much we know.

What most people don’t know is that far below the nuclear reactor lay a secret lab where the Russians, in collaboration with the UMBRA Partnership, were experimenting on soldiers using radiation from the plant above.

Your Mission

Set prior to the explosion, the UMBRA Partnership needs you and your team to descend 300m below Chernobyl to gather as much experimental data as possible, an audit, if you will.

 Guided throughout by our beautiful, yet sinister operative, you will need determination, speed, and nerves of steel to overcome what awaits. Chernobyl holds dark secrets, that only working together as a team will reveal.


Your heart will race, your hands will sweat, and your mind will forget what’s virtual and what’s real.

Can you make it out on time? There’s only one way to find out.

  Join us for this first In A Box 3, HYPER-REALITY experience...

...if you dare.